Congratulations! Now you have fulfilled your great Australian Dream, and the next step is to start planning the interior (that happens gradually and needs a budget).


So, here we are with our two cents that can help you furnish your first home with no debt.

Let's Get Started.

Decide On The Look & Feel Of Your First Home

Your home decor inspiration is just a click away – you can always spend some time on Instagram and Pinterest to get ideas. You can start by putting a mood board together for each room to see how you want things to look. This will prevent you from wasting unnecessary time in stores trying to figure things out.


Again, you can take the help of your mood board. It would be best to start with things for your dining & lounge room, kitchen and one bedroom. Initially, you do not need to furnish your two spare bedrooms that no one will use right away. Think about the places in your home that you will use most and start from there.

Think About Hand-me-downs

Most first home buyers experience this hand-me-down dilemma when they tell people they are moving into a new house. You will find many people have things which they can give to help you out. Before saying yes to everything, answer these three questions:


  • Is it in good condition?
  • Is this something that you like, need, and want?
  • Do I know where I will use it?


You can be specific with what you are accepting. This will help you avoid collecting unnecessary items in your new home.

Be A Savvy Shopper

Leverage things like Boxing Day Sale and End of Financial Year sale. Out of these events, you may ask for cash discounts.


However, there are few essentials on which you don’t want to skimp and purchase cheap alternatives, such as a couch and bed mattress. You want these articles to be comfortable and supportive. Hence, do your research diligently and pick the right one.


We hope these tips help you how to start furnishing your first home in Adelaide. If in doubt, you always have an option to get online inspiration, read expert’s ideas and easily save money when moving into your first home.


Alternatively, if you are a first home buyer still searching for your dream home in Adelaide, you can always connect with us over a no-obligation phone chat to discuss your requirements.