Congratulations! It is finally time to start preparing for your big move. You are likely both unsure and excited about where to start.  Moving everything you own from one place to your new house in a day is a daunting task that takes some serious planning and strategizing. This moving checklist will guide you through the job with comfort.

Your First Home Move-In Requirements

New Locks And Additional Set Of Keys.

Replacing the locks should be the primary thing for all new homeowners. Make sure you have few sets of additional keys to share with trusted close friends or family members. In case of emergencies, it could come in handy.


With a new property to care for, you may want to upgrade your old-apartment sized tool kit. Makes sure you are equipped with the essentials: a few wrenches, a hammer, screwdrivers, a pair of pliers, and a measurement tape are an excellent place to start.

A Cleaning Service.

It is typically the landlord’s responsibility to clean the property before the new renter moves in. When you are a homeowner, you cannot count on anyone else to clean it for you. Whether through your elbow grease or a basic cleaning service, get your new place clean before move-in.


Apartments or rented houses usually come equipped with overhead lights in every room with little requirement for additional lighting. However, that might not be the scenario in your new home. Make sure your living room, dining room and bedroom are covered for move-in.

Essential Contact Details.

When there is any water leakage in your rented place, your landlord was the one to call. Now, you will need to contact an electrician, plumber, and maybe exterminator for some unexpected problems. Ask neighbours or your loved ones for some recommendations.

Window Treatments.

If you are fortunate, your new home will be furnished with new curtain rods and blinds. If not, putting up window coverings should be a priority.

Yard Supplies.

If you got some green space in your new property, taking care of it is essential. Get yourself a good pair of garden gloves, hedge clippers and a lawnmower to maintain your landscaping.

Carbon Monoxide (CO)/Smoke Detectors.

Make sure your CO or smoke detectors are in working order, and if they are not, replace them. It will not only help you comply with property guidelines but also for your safety.


If you did not write the appliances in your new house contract, you might want to buy them as soon as possible. Living without a fridge or coffee maker cannot be fun, right?


Certainly, move-in day is hard that calls for take-outs. But what about the next day – go grocery shopping early to make sure your kitchen and fridge are stocked with essentials.


Now that your move-in day checklist is concluded, it’s time to relish the homeowner’s feelings.

The Adelaide First Home Buyers team is always here to assist you at every step of the way.