Now that many of us have spent many weeks living inside, we have become considerably familiar with our homes – in some instances, maybe too familiar.

If you are planning a move when the time is right, you might want to use this time to speculate on what is working and what is not in your current place. For example, the yard you thought you could do without has now become one of the must-haves or perhaps you would like stair-free living in your next address.

When you are into the consideration phase, assess the features of your current house, so you know better what you need in your next one.

What Is Working For You - And, What Is Not?

  • What is your house’s best and worst feature?
  • Finally, on a scale of 1-10, how do you like your current place?
  • Do you like the architectural style of your home? If not, is there any preference?

How Do You Feel When You Are At Home?

  • Do you have too much space or just enough?
  • Does your current house include open floor plan or is it more compartmentalized? Moreover, does it suit your lifestyle?
  • Do you have too many or just enough bedrooms, bathrooms?
  • Do you like the finishes and fixtures?

Outdoor Space - How Does It Affect Your Overall Experience Of Home?

  • Does your home have outdoor space? If yes, then do you enjoy spending time outside? If no, do you feel like you are missing out?
  • Be honest! Do you enjoy taking care of the backyard, or do you feel burdened?
  • Do you have adequate parking? Is a carport or garage a must-have?
  • How much effort and investment do the exterior need for maintenance (staining, painting, etc.)

Community Connection - Your Neighbourhood

  • Are you happy with your community? Think about all the attributes, recreational facilities, parks, density, walkability, neighbour involvement.
  • Do you have to travel far to access basic amenities like doctor’s appointments or grocery shopping?
  • Are you comfortable with your commute?

Our Two Cents

Organizing a prioritized Wishlist will better separate your requirements from your wishes and keep you on track searching for your dream home in Adelaide.

We always recommend, “don’t stress, don’t rush”, while searching for a property in Adelaide. If you feel confused at any step, our first home buyer’s specialist is right here to assist.

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