If you own or rent a townhouse, apartment, unit or any other dwelling in a residential complex, you may be uncertain what is covered by your strata’s insurance and what you need on top of this.

What Is Strata Insurance?

Strata insurance covers common or shared property in a strata-managed complex, body corporate-managed complex.

Typically, this covers externals, including garages, intercoms, tennis courts and pools, barbeques, common-area gardens, and balconies. It could also cover for anyone working on site on account of strata. 

The premium of strata insurance is shared between owners of property titles, and they are generally included as part of strata levies and fees.

Strata Insurance Covers

Here is what you can anticipate:

  • It covers standard contents such as gym equipment and shared outdoor furniture. 
  • The public liability insurance covers the common property.
  • Building fixtures such as air-conditioners, intercoms, hot-water systems and pipes.
  • Other common properties such as stairwells, pools, car parks, lobbies and gardens.


Here Is What Strata Insurance Doesn’t Cover:

Strata insurance does not cover anything not permanently attached to the building or belongings inside your property. These items include internal fixtures and fittings, carpets, lights, electrical items, furniture, jewellery, floorboards and other personal belongings.

If you are renting out the property, it is essential to know that strata insurance does not cover interior damage or theft by tenants, legal fees ensuing from taking action against tenants, or loss of rent does not pay.

To protect your belongings against loss, damage, theft or other potential issues with your tenants, you can take landlord insurance or contents insurance.

About Content Insurance

Content insurance is intended to financially safeguard your personal belongings from damage or loss from defined events such as accidental breakage, fire, flood and theft. An owner-occupier can easily take it out to cover specific household fittings such as light fixtures or expensive taps and other items.

Benefits Of Content Insurance For Strata Property

Whether you are a renter or homeowner, there are many benefits to taking out contents insurance to safeguard your valuables from loss due to unforeseen damage, accidents or theft. Thus, it pays to be ready by adequately protecting yourself from the unexpected costs of repairing or replacing items.

In Adelaide, you will find several vendors that can provide you suitable content insurance coverage, including:


  • Cover for electrical power surge and motor burnout
  • Cover for natural disasters including bushfire and flood
  • The new-for-old replacement despite the age of the item.


However, it would help if you were thorough while selecting the content insurance provider. Make sure you clearly understand what is covered and what is not in a chosen content insurance plan.

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