As a first home buyer in Adelaide, deciding a neighbourhood that has the best to offer is critical, yet it is just as essential to be sure that it is also the perfect fit for you.

Our first home advisers strongly recommend that potential first home buyers ask these questions yourself to locate the community where they truly belong.

1. Does It Match Well With Your Lifestyle

The most crucial factor is somewhere you want to live when finding a house, not just ticking the boxes.

Retirees will like to feel safe, maybe have somewhere to meet other residents or have a dog park.

If you have kids, you want a location with roads that have been designed to be a little safer or has a green space with a park. In contrast, younger buyers will possibly prioritise access to transport, entertainment and eateries.

2. Has It The Amenities You Want

Perhaps you love to grab a coffee at your local cafe or start your day with laps at the local pool. Or, it might be connectivity to shopping centres, CBD and schools.

It carries ease to your life, with the comfort of having schools, shops and transport nearby. Moreover, such amenities also act as ‘common ground’ where you meet neighbours and like-minded people within the community.

3. Do You Identify With The Concept?

The feel-good factor is significant because the theme is what you will experience every day.

For instance, if you like the modern amenities at your door, the hustle and bustle, a vibrant-style hub, then a modern urban neighbourhood are perhaps more of your style.

Alternatively, if you love fresh air, nature, quiet, then a green-themed development most likely appeals to you.

4. How Is Community Engagement?

Nowadays, many new developments include a park or some communal place for residents to hang around. However, these areas should be helpful, not an afterthought.

Communal places are the core of any engaging neighbourhood, where people want to be there and stand around and interact. Otherwise, they would not get used.

5. Does It Inspire?

Ultimately, we all like to live in a neighbourhood that offers us a sense of joy and satisfaction.

It is essential to identify how you see your community because every day you step out of the house, you want to feel you have made the right decision.

These are just a few of the many aspects that need to be evaluated beforehand.

Whether you are looking for a perfect location for your first home in Adelaide or are confused about your financing options, connect with our experienced advisers for a no-obligation consultation.

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