2021 Checklist What To Look For In A New Home Inspectio

One of the most challenging aspects of buying a new home is to ensure that everything is up to the mark. Moreover, you don’t want to miss anything that will possibly become an expensive concern for you later.

We have prepared this house inspection checklist to help you understand what to look for in a brand-new property. The primary goal is to confirm that the house you are purchasing in Adelaide is precisely how you anticipated and getting what you paid for.

Some of these can be DIY inspections, but you will necessitate the assistance of a professional for most.

House Inspection Checklist

It is significant to remember that professional house inspectors will be examining the home for substantial problems such as damaged fixtures, structural issues, or anything that may need to be replaced.

Windows, Walls & Doors

Check the walls’ alignment vertically and horizontally, that they are free of loose plaster, unstained and have no evidence of the previous repair. Also, examine the windows and doors to find any issues with caulking or paint.

Water Pressure and Drainage

You can test it by running all taps and flushing toilets, the bath and shower, keeping an eye for low pressure, drainage issues or leaks.


Test each power outlet with your phone charger by turning switches on and off to ensure it functions correctly.

Floors, Basement and Foundation

A home inspector will check the floors for cracked or deteriorated tile coverings, sloping or stained wood. Also, investigate the foundation for bulging and bowing while searching basements for a sign of water penetration. 

Decks and Porches

Look for any separation or settlement from the house that may have happened. Check the deck or porch for paint problems, flaking masonry and rotted wood.

Electro-Mechanical Systems

Investigate the age and size of the electrical service to the house and whether the outlets are properly grounded. The inspection service will note the age and style of the heating and cooling systems on the property and any apparent corrosion or rust. Also, check if the wiring is in good condition and safe and whether any upgrades have been made.


Examine the ceiling to ensure that none of the plaster is loose or cracked and there is no evidence of stains or water damage.

Bathrooms and Kitchens

Look for staining and rot under the countertops and randomly check the cabinet drawers and doors. Also, check all the fixtures are safe and without cracks. Ensure all taps are in working condition with adequate water pressure and check the caulking and tiles in the tub area.

External Roof Lines

It is always recommended to inspect the roof gutters from the top side to ensure they are not rusted. Also, make sure there are no deflections on roof lines.

Outdoor Areas

Perform a comprehensive check for any aesthetic concerns.

It is also worth arranging a professional building inspection. It will help you cast a critical eye over any house, unit or apartment you’re planning to buy in Adelaide.

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