Loan Options For First Home Buyers (No Matter How Much Deposit You Have)

Loan Options For First Home Buyers Transcript: Today we wanted to talk to first time owners again about the different types of loans that are available. When I talk about that, what are we talking about? Well the first one, and a common one for first time owners is guarantor loans. That’s where we get […]

What Writing $170m In Home Loans Taught Me About Choosing Banks

Which Bank is Right for You? The million dollar question! You’ve probably heard stories from family members or friends about which banks they really like (or which ones they don’t like), which may have caused you to form an opinion one way or another about some banks. You might also not be aware just how […]

4 Ways To Save Thousands On Your First Mortgage

Common Mistakes When Choosing the Right Mortgage Choosing the right mortgage structure is more important than many people realize. Not only can choosing the right mortgage type, the correct structure, and the right payment options could all cut years off your home loan. They could also save you thousands of dollars in interest and money […]

How To Reduce The Interest Paid On Your First Mortgage

Lots of people come to our seminars and business to learn more about loans and interest. One of the most common questions we get asked is “how is interest calculated?” How Interest On Home Loans Works It’s an important question to ask, because when you understand the nature of the interest calculation and how it […]