First Home Buyers: Your Move-in Day Checklist

Contact Us Congratulations! It is finally time to start preparing for your big move. You are likely both unsure and excited about where to start.  Moving everything you own from one place to your new house in a day is a daunting task that takes some serious planning and strategizing. This moving checklist will guide […]

Homeownership Goal: Planning Ahead Matters

Does buying your first home in Adelaide seem like an unattainable goal? Would you like to own a house but don’t feel ready to take that step? Homeownership in Adelaide can be much closer than you have imagined if you start planning now and recognize the following factors: A. You Don’t Require As Much Of […]

Top 14 House Hunting Tips For First Buyers

Are you looking for your dream home in Adelaide? If so, you should be accustomed to some house hunting tips to be ready for the adventure of finding it. These suggestions help you make the selection process simple and keep your finances in check. Before You Start Shopping Most of the first home buyers are […]

Is Gift Deposit Better Than A Guarantor?

Whether you are working extra hours or setting money aside, it can take a long time to save up for a down payment when buying your first home in Adelaide.  The good news is that you may not have to come up with all the money by yourself. Gift fund from family members can be […]

5 Benefits Of Buying Your First Home In Your 30s

  When is the right time to buy your first house? It is common to be compelled by peers and family into considering the right age to purchase your property. Some people are enthusiastic and ready enough to fulfil this great Australian dream while in their 20s. However, others may take their time – nice […]

Making A Competitive Offer On A Home: 5 Tips To Follow

Making A Competitive Offer On A Home: 5 Tips To Follow

As more and more Aussies looking to become homeowners, it is essential to prepare yourself for the home search, home loan process and what you will do next if you do not get the home of your dreams. With so much to contemplate, let’s take a look at four steps to ensure sellers perceive your […]

Avoid These 4 Most Common First Home Buyer Mistakes

Avoid These 4 Most Common First Home Buyer Mistakes

The process of buying your first home is a lengthy one, and if you are not heedful, there is a lot that can throw you off the track. Several complications could delay your purchase or even derail it altogether, from surprise credit checks to low appraisals. Are you on the search for a new home […]

Reasons Why Owning A House is 5 Times Better Than Renting

Owning a home has distinct benefits over renting, essentially providing a stable environment for your family and building your net worth. If you are still in your comfort zone and thinking about whether moving into your own house is better than a rented place. Then, let’s look at these fundamental things that you are missing […]

Ins And Outs Of First Home Loan Deposit Scheme: 2021 Update

Ins And Outs Of First Home Loan Deposit Scheme 2021 Update

In reality, buying your first home in Adelaide is overwhelming. Calculating upfront costs, understanding how much you can borrow, keeping up to date with the latest government grants, deciding whether to buy existing vs new and researching the property market are all part of the journey that first home buyers navigate.  Among all these factors, […]

5 Golden Tips To Help You Save For A House Deposit

5 Golden Tips To Help You Save For A House Deposit

Buying your first home is the great Australian dream, yet it exactly feels like a dream for many. But no matter where you are in Adelaide, purchasing a home to live in is not impossible.  If you are thinking about getting into the property market, you will typically need a mortgage and to do that; […]